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From September 2021 to July 2024, Warwickshire Youth Choirs ran a highly successful schools singing programme in partnership with Warwickshire Music and funded by the Art Council.

From September 2024 we are very excited to be able to offer a wider range of options to schools across a wider geographical area, covering Warwickshire and other nearby areas. Warwickshire Youth Choirs Schools Sing is weekly singing-based classroom delivery based on the NPME (National Plan for Music Education). We can offer provision for EYFS (Nursery and Reception), KS1, KS2 and KS3. Our team of expert animateurs can deliver sessions to up to two classes at one time (in a suitable space) and will provide an active and enjoyable music session each week to support children's emotional regulation, wellbeing and musical learning at the same time. 

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"Music plays a key role in brain development. It helps to develop language, motor skills, emotional intelligence and collaboration skills."

National Plan for Music Education

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We understand the strains you face as a school: balancing budgets, staff time and expertise, wanting the best for your students. We can take responsibility for your classroom music delivery and you can enjoy seeing the joy, creativity and progress your children make in our regular in school performances. 

Alongside in-school performances, we will support you with annual celebration concerts, trips and by signposting your children to other musical and performing arts opportunities in the community. 


"Excellent music education opens opportunities, but it is not simply a means to an end: it is also an end in itself. It gives children and young people an opportunity to express themselves, to explore their creativity, to work hard at something, persevere and shine. These experiences and achievements stay with them and shape their lives."

National Plan for Music Education

In addition to our class-based offer, we can run your school choir. We will do all the planning and administration and parents sign up and pay directly through our simple online system. We know that parents will willingly pay for these opportunities that their children enjoy. Normally, this money is lost to your school, going in profit to outside companies. By outsourcing your extra-curricular provision to us, the profit from your parental contributions will be given back to your school as a discount on the costs of your curriculum provision. We can run extra-curricular groups before school, during registration, at lunchtime and after school. If you had 25 children in your school choir paying £7 per week, you would earn a £4000 discount on WYC Schools Sing classroom delivery which could be used to pay for up to two hours per week! 

In addition, you can use choir time as CPD for a member of your school staff, improving their skills and confidence in leading singing within school. This could be used to benefit the whole school, for instance for singing assemblies, Christmas shows and more. If a member of school staff attends the extra-curricular choir, they will get one-to-one mentoring and support throughout the year at no extra cost from our expert animateur.

"Music is an essential part of a broad and ambitious curriculum for all pupils. It must not be the preserve of the privileged few. Music should be planned and taught as robustly as any other foundation curriculum subject"

National Plan for Music Education

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We can also help you with one-off or short term projects. You might our help to write a school song involving the students. Or you might want us to work with Year 6 after SATs on a leavers project. We can support Christmas plays, concerts and more. 

In addition, our team includes mental health experts who can work with intervention groups to find creative ways to express their feelings and support their well-being, self-esteem and confidence through music. 

"There are children in our country who still do not realise their full musical potential, many of whom could achieve incredible things if given a chance"

National Plan for Music Education

We have lots of SEND experience. Expert provision in SEND Music can often have profound benefits for children who struggle with their speech and language and emotional understanding. Children who struggle with other core subjects, often can demonstrate excellent levels of achievement in practical music making and singing. We can support you within the classroom or with small group SEND interventions. 

As a charity who have been providing excellent singing-based musical education opportunities for children for over a decade, Warwickshire Youth Choirs are perfectly placed to support your school on your musical journey. Music has the power to change lives and it would be our pleasure to support you in changing your school. 

For more info please contact enquiry@warwickshireyouthchoirs.org

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